Allman Brown, the « not real » interview

16 Nov

« Him, he’s good,really really good » said my neighbour at the songs from a room at Paris. Nice introduction. And he did not lie. Allman Brown is really good. A powerful voice, a condifent guitar at the service of a lively music. Allman brown is in the halfway between the crooner and the folkman. I came back at home with his Ep « House Os Spirit ». A great Idea. Another amazing discovery. I falled in love with his music. You must discover this wonderful and nice musician, you can find him here. We made a « not real interview », this is what he said about himself.

*How long do you play music?

I’ve been singing since I was a little boy and playing
guitar for five years.
*Are you a self-taught person or have you a musical
I am self taught.
*I know you play guitar and harmonica, anything else?
I want to learn to play the
*How do you write songs? What comes first, lyrics or
Usually the chords come first but lyrics are like
lightning and arrive all the time. Writing songs in the middle of the night is
*What inspires you the most to write songs?
My relationships and the atmosphere of a place.
* »My relationships”, by the way you wrote “wildflower” for your girlfriend I guess.
Wildflower is about my girlfriend, yes.
*House of spirit is your first EP?
House of Spirits is my
first EP but there will be many more to come, I promise.
*What is
your most intimate song?
My most intimate song is probably House of Spirits
because although my Father didn’t actually die…it does describe very personal
*Can we find
yours lyrics somewhere? Your myspace maybe?
My lyrics are not anywhere except in my head.
*Which artist would you like to sing with? Could be
dead or alive.
I would love to sing with the band Bon Iver.
(I have to say MERCI, I discovered Bon Iver
because of you  and they are terrific !!!!)
*Do you sometimes listen to French artits?
Yes, I listen to Phoenix, Air,
Mc Solar and the awesome Daft Punk.
*Mc Solar really?
*What would be your dream venue?
My dream venue is the Royal Albert Hall in
London. It is beautiful.
*What is your better memory of a gig?
My best memory of a gig is
Sofar, when the room is completely silent and attentive.It is such a great
*What is your musical dream?
My dream is to play live
shows all over the world with all sorts of different musicians and learn as
much as I can.
*What is your next project?
My next project is to
record my first album.
*For finish, the next time I
come to London I would love make a street session video with you at Neal’s
yard? (I’ll try to ask at the Royal Albert Hall but I’m not sure it will be
Ok). Deal?
A street session sounds awesome.
Rendez-vous est donc pris, enattendant voici deux extraits de son Ep, « House Of Spirit » et « Meet Me At The Water ».

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